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Anti-Lost Wrist Link - Pink

Anti-Lost Wrist Link - Pink

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Product Name: Bebear Anti Lost Wrist Link

Age: 1-10 years old

Maximum Length: 2 meters

Colors: Green and Pink



  • Ensures your child is safe with you all the time
  • Can be used for traveling, shopping or walking
  • Strong and durable with 49 pieces of stainless steel, wrapped in two-layers of polyurethane
  • Has 360º swivel connector so your child can move freely and cannot be tangled
  • With soft, padded and adjustable wrist straps for both child and adult
  • Comfortable even during warm weather conditions
  • Has safety key lock to prevent your child from accidentally releasing the wrist band
  • Made with three-point lock system with high-grade Velcro, connecting buckle locks and safety key* lock.
  • Key is permanently attached to adult wrist band
  • Cannot be cut with ordinary tools
  • Can also be attached to any backpack

*Locking with key is optional; Wrist Link will lock with Velcro and buckles



  1. Take the smaller bracelet and wear on the child’s wrist. Lock the buckle using the key on the adult’s bracelet.
  2. Take the bigger bracelet and wear on the adult’s wrist.Safety Reminders:
  • Anti Lost Wrist Link is designed to prevent kids from getting lost. It should not be used by a child who is learning how to walk.
  • Avoid stretching the cord too much as this will cause the child to fall.
  • Always lock the child’s bracelet.
  • Always supervise your child when using this product


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